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Hello city of Beaumont! My name is Ashley Miller, a resident of our beautiful city for the past 24 years. My husband and I were raised in Beaumont and are raising our two children here. We have enjoyed seeing Beaumont grow from a town of 5000 residents to what it is today. Professionally, I hold a diploma in Supply Chain Management and have worked in the field of Procurement for the past 13 years. Both of our extended families have appreciated Beaumont for its small-town charm, but the potential growth of our city has been the central conversation on multiple occasions. It has been exciting to see so many small businesses move into our community and feel warm and welcoming support from residents. My family and I enjoy frequenting local shops and restaurants for the perfect treasured gifts or the delicious local food and drinks.  


Family is my core value, and the future of Beaumont and its growth is essential to me. It is no secret that the youth in Beaumont love sports and activities. Through sitting on field sidelines, freezing hockey rinks, dusty ball diamonds, dance studios, and so on, I've been able to form strong connections with parents and grandparents enabling me to understand the need for improvement. I became a part of the Beaumont Minor Ball Association early in 2021, taking on the position of Girls Program Coordinator. Between a great team and I, we grew registration among female athletes from 8 to 70 in one season. We created a safe and exciting place for young women to build confidence in sports and develop new friendships. The unprecedented increase in female participation immensely played into the application's success for a "Field of Dreams" in which Beaumont was chosen. Being a part of this process and seeing the impact within these young women was electric. This process goes beyond so much more than the sport itself. It is a confirmation that if you have a vision, transformation can happen. The people of Beaumont deserve this attention and care for their City. 


I am running for Councillor because I want people to know that I hear their concerns, and I want to bring change. Change happens only when we've developed a trusting relationship, which is my commitment to you. One of my main objectives is to see Beaumont become fiscally efficient. Cost savings while maintaining a standard of service and safety are where I have the most experience within my career. Also, I have a vision for our city council to become better listeners. I want to actively seek out the opinions of our citizens before we act on big or small projects. The residents of this city are our resources, they are our tools, and when we work together, we can continue to make Beaumont one of the most desirable places to live in Alberta. I will be 100% committed to bridging the gap of communication between residents and council/administration to ensure that residents have their voices heard and their concerns validated. I see a future for Beaumont that is proactive, rather than the reactive approach we often experience now. Together, we can improve the future of this beautiful place we call home.  


You can count on me to be competent and action-oriented, making me a great choice as your local Councillor. On October 18th, please vote for me so I can use my voice to see much-needed improvement happen for everyone in Beaumont.  





Ali Murji

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ashley for the past eight years and have been her supervisor for the past three years. Ashley has been a key member of the supply chain team and organization as a whole and has contributed to creating a great culture and work environment. She has a strong work ethic, is dedicated and always looks for ways to focus on continuous improvement for the organization. Her reliability and resilience over the years of change in the organization and the economy proves that she is agile and adaptable and she has also managed to work with a diverse group of people from different departments and operations towards our common goals. Ashley has been a key member of our social and health and safety committees and truly values the importance of building a strong team, looking after the well being of her peers and helping to make a difference. If elected, Ashley's approach, confidence, organizational and personal skills would be key assets to her success as a Councillor."


Warren Chandler

“I have come to know Ashley through Beaumont Minor Baseball and through our work as coaches and volunteers and am honoured to call her a close friend. It was a pleasure to coach along with Ashley and to work with her towards the development of the girls baseball program for BMBA. Ashley is committed, genuine and an incredible communicator. She will make an excellent City Councillor because she is passionate about what she believes in, and she is driven to see her vision succeed. Our girls baseball program in BMBA succeeded because it was driven by two incredibly dedicated women, one of them being Ashley Miller. Both of my kids have benefitted from her dedication and commitment to baseball, I am looking forward to how we will all benefit from her dedication to Beaumont as a Councillor.”


Christie-Anne & Curtis Tracey

We have known Ashley for over 15 years, and in that time, we have been able to watch her develop into the amazing mother and friend she is today. Being parents ourselves with two young boys, we have full confidence in Ashley knowing that she will do what is best for the young families who live here. Ashley has always put people first, and she has a genuine interest in getting to know what the needs are of this community. She is authentic and caring in nature. We can’t wait to see what is possible for Beaumont knowing Ashley is a candidate who will bring the communities vision to life.


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